YAVpublications.com is the website of YAV Publications, an independent digital publisher dedicated to publishing both fiction and non-fiction books, and magazines. InterestingWriting.com is an alternate link to the site. YAV Publications offers higher standards, better or identical print quality, and significantly greater profit-sharing than most alternate solutions.

ScienceOfWriting.com is the website of "Science of Writing," an imprint of YAV Publications. The first book published under this imprint, Final Edit, The Final Hours of Your Final Draft, was made possible, in part, by research collected by FictionFixer, an expert system developed by Chris Yavelow. The 50 editing techniques presented in easy-to-learn, step-by-step format can reduce your final draft editing time from weeks to hours. New titles are forthcoming.

CaminoQuarterly.com is the website of the Camino Quarterly, a print journal published by YAV Publications, to provide accurate, up-to-date, usable information about the Camino de Santiago, the evermore-popular 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain. Each issue concerns a central theme organized into three sections—preparation, pilgrimage, and reflection—and will contain substantial timeless information, enough to make it a "shelf-worthy" reference. The Camino Quarterly is a unique resource for those who are planning to walk the Camino de Santiago, while also offering updated guidance for those who have already done so, as well as a forum for reflections and artistic expressions about this unique transformational journey. The magazine suspended operations for 2015 due to the unexpected death of its Executive Editor Laura Yavelow (see Laura.yav.com). Current plans are to resume publication of the Camino Quarterly in 2018; however, the most recent issue is here.

FictionFixer.com: FictionFixer™ tracks and analyzes hundreds of characteristics of current bestselling novels. The software combines this data with a consensus of expert advice to define a model representing reader expectations for such books. FictionFixer provides a service to evaluate your manuscript in comparison with the current model, a specific work, or both. This can be crucial to authors in the final stages of a book project. Using FictionFixer, we have amassed an unparalleled collection of data about what makes bestsellers different from other books, and in 2011, we began releasing this valuable information in a book series.

ChrisYavelow.com: Chris Yavelow ("YAV") is an award-winning composer, author, and designer with a dozen published books to his credit and graduate degrees from Boston University, Harvard, and several European conservatories. He has taught at Claremont Graduate University, the University of Texas, Schiller University, and Harvard. He currently teaches online for the University of Maryland University College.

As a composer, Yavelow has been honored with more than three dozen international awards and fellowships. His opera,
Countdown at Countdown.yav.com, received accolades as the first computer-assisted opera, the first opera performance with virtual orchestra, and the first opera in cyberspace. At the end of the last century, he established an international reputation as a visionary journalist about the future of music and computers. He has written hundreds of articles for publications such as Macworld, Electronic Musician, Byte, Computer Music Journal, Macromedia Journal, and New Media Magazine. His Music and Sound Bible (IDG) received the Computer Press Association Award and intensified the use of computers in music education and in the entertainment industry. Read more in his OneSheet.yav.com or LiteraryBio.yav.com.

Yavelow was on the development team for the world's first multimedia CD-ROM, Verbum Interactive. He went on to develop LEGO's first CD-ROM (LEGO Technic 8922), which later received the Danish Design Prize. Other notable multimedia projects include the first digital TV guide: the VPRO Digital Guide, the first artificially intelligent film-scoring software: Music is the Message, for the NEMO Science and Technology Museum in Amsterdam. More info in his Brochure.yav.com.

Having worked in graphic design, book design, and typography "on the side" since he was a teenager, Chris brought these talents together around the turn of the millennium by founding YAV Publications for which he enjoys being lead designer.