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Algorithmic composition in the style of Mozart
An implementation of "Mozart's Musical Dice Game"
For Macintosh Computers*

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CyberMozart is an implementation of Mozart's Musikalisches Würfelspiel.

This program will keep generating new pieces in the style of Mozart as long as you can keep pressing the Compose button. Other features include notation with scrolling playback, printing, saving as standard MIDI files and real-time editing options for tempo, transposition, track volume, and instrumentation. You may have seen this on the TV show Reiziger in Musik or an earlier version on the Dutch Macworld LezerDisk (summer 1994).

If you don't have a MIDI synthesizer you can still play back the MIDI files by importing them into QuickTime with MoviePlayer (which will even let you reassign the instruments on each track) or use OMS or some other means to route the output directly to QuickTime's synthesizer. CyberMozart is a great way to obtain license-free music for your multimedia production. Just be sure to mention how it was created. (Note: requires 8-bit color and 4 MB RAM partition).

Latest version
CyberMozart 3.1.x provides Mac OS 8.5 compatibility and Appearance Manager compatibility. CyberMozart 3.0.x was a major upgrade from earlier versions. You may wish to view the complete CyberMozart change history document.

Download the latest version of CyberMozart. After downloading you may need to drag and drop the file onto Stuffit Expander.

  • Download CyberMozart (Version 3.1 - 2330k)
  • CyberMozart is available from America Online, Compuserve, and a few ftp sites around cyberspace.

    CyberMozart is shareware. You can easily register it using the online "Register CyberMozart" application. If you've misplaced the register application, you can download it below (it's only 90k). Alternatively, you can register the software online. Either method allows you to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or First Virtual. Choose one of following options:

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