Email Magician 1.5 thru 1.9 New Features

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Information about Email Magician 1.5 thru 1.9

Email Magician 1.9

Email Magician 1.9 adds a new type of filter, through the automatic creation of "History List" filters, boxes, and nicknames. This includes extensive options for management of the Eudora History List. See the lower right of the fully expanded Special Filters window for this options.

There is also a new Naming Conventions Preferences panel that lets you exclude certain characters from the generated names of mailboxes and nicknames. More new options in preferences include "Search for pre-existing box of same name" before creating a new mailbox (possibly in a different folder). This option is on the "Customize" panel of the Preferences window.

Email Magician now checks for the presence of a 3rd-party accelerator card (or dual processor) and switches to the alternate registration algorithm if one is detected. Formerly, the user had to expressly inform the program if an accelerator (or dual processor) was present.

Duplicate filter checking has been made quicker. There are additional duplicate filter checking options in the General Preferences. Registered users may now add conditions to the "Spam Special Header" filters. See lower right of the fully expanded Spam Filter Maker window. New nicknames are now sorted in the "New Nicknames" field. New mailboxes are now sorted in the "New Mailboxes" field.

Unregistered users can now write 20 filters per day (with the addition of the first of the new History List filters).
Email Magician 1.8

Email Magician 1.8 adds a new "Customize" panel to the Preferences window. This lets you disable the auto-creation of certain boxes and folders that would otherwise be automatically created by Email Magician. This panel contains an option to delete those items.

Also on this new panel are options to selectively ignore addresses in Cc:, Bcc:, and Reply-to: fields, as well as multi-name addresses, and messages sent to invalid accounts when generating filters. This can reduce the number of filters generated.

Version 1.8 adds an option in the Maintenance window to create filters for existing mailboxes that don't already have filters targeting them. This was designed for new users who may have an existing set of mailboxes that they have been manually filtering messages into by way of the Transfer menu or by dragging individual items. You can specify that boxes that have not received mail after a certain date are ignored, even if they do not have filters targeting them. You may also choose to scan for addresses in each potential box and take a specified number of top scores to make multiple filters targeting the same box. Only the "To:" and "From:" fields are scanned for addresses, and your own (valid) accounts are ignored.

Here is an example of setting a "top score" factor:

If "Top Scores" is set to 3, addresses must be in the top three scoring numbers of occurrences in order to be included as candidates for filters when multiple filters are made targetting the same box.
Email Magician finds the following addresses with a "Top Scores = 3" setting:

AAA@dot.com (20 occurrences)
BBB@dot.com (15 occurrences)
CCC@dot.com (15 occurrences)
DDD@dot.com (10 occurrences)
EEE@dot.com (10 occurrences)
FFF@dot.com (10 occurrences)
GGG@dot.com (10 occurrences)
HHH@dot.com (8 occurrences)
III@dot.com (7 occurrences)
JJJ@dot.com (7 occurrences)
KKK@dot.com (3 occurrences)
LLL@dot.com (1 occurrences)
MMM@dot.com (1 occurrence)
NNN@dot.com (1 occurrence)

Filters will not be made for addresses occuring below the line because the top three scores are 20, 15, and 10, and the "Top Scores" setting is 3. Only the top three scores will be used no matter how many addresses tied for those top three positions. Thus, in this example, 7 filters will be made that target the box currently being examined. If the Top Score setting had been 4, then HHH@dot.com would also have a filter made. If the Top Score setting had been 5, then both III@dot.com and JJJ@dot.com would have filters made as well.

Email Magician 1.8 also adds the option to check for updates via the interenet. Simply select "Check for updates..." from the Help menu, and if there is a newer version available. Email Magician will give you the option of downloading it directly or reading about the new features.

See the Change History (in the More Documentation folder) for additional minor changes.

Email Magician 1.7

Fixed some registration and firewire problems.

Email Magician 1.6

Email Magician 1.6 adds more than 250 new spam domains and characteristics, mainly courtesy of the SpamCon Foundation (www.spamcon.org). The behavior of filters targeting the new (from 1.5.1) "EMM Possible Spam" mailbox has been set to only filter incoming mail. This allows you to examine your "EMM possible spam" box and the select messages to manual filter (command-J) into their correct boxes. You may even want to "Select All" in this box and execute the second stage command-J manual filtering. Note: The location of spam pre-filter blocks and spam post-filter blocks is now is now completely up to the user.

There is a new "Valid Accounts Filter." This catches email with "To:" or "Cc:" fields that do not contain any of your designated valid accounts (meaning your primary user(s), and any of your Eudora Personalities).

There is a new "integrity check" of your preferences file at launch. If a corrupt prefs file is detected, it is copied to the "EMM Backups" folder and deleted from the System:Preferences folder. Then a new preferences file is created.

It is now possible to set the destinations of the Possible Spam mailbox and the Invalid Accounts mailbox from the "Destinations" menu.

There were some problems with the option to "Delete Filters Targeting Empty Boxes" from the Maintenance window. These problems have been fixed.

There have been many other enhancements to the program, as well as fixes. Please see the document entitled "Email Magician Change History" in the "Additional Documentaion" folder for a complete list.

Information about Email Magician 1.5.1 is provided below for those of you who may be upgrading from version 1.5.

Email Magician 1.5.1

Email Magician 1.5.1 improves spam filtering and HTML filtering. Any spam filter can be designated to target an "EMM Possible Spam" box by prepending the word "possible" in parentheses -- (possible) -- to it's condition. These are identified in the filter list as "EMM Spam (maybe) filters." Where applicable (for example, when the phrase "Click Here" appears, "EMM Spam (maybe) filters" are automatically placed before HTML filters.

Spam definitions on the left side of the spam filter maker have been re-ordered, and the default is no longer to merge pre and post spam filters. The number of spam pre-filter blocks has been increased to 3, while the number of spam post-filter blocks has been decreased to 1. [Note that version 1.6 (above) changed this so that any of the four blocks may be designated a pre-filter block or a post-filter block.]

"@hotmail.com" has been removed from the spam domain list. About 40 new spam definitions have been added to version 1.5.1

Other changes include an extra confirmation for replacing existing filters. Also, all known obscure email address formats are now supported. The Main and Log windows no longer snap to an 8-pixel grid.

Some HTML filter exclusions were not being properly excluded. This has been fixed. Because earlier HTML filters did not function correctly, please manually delete all EMM HTML filters from within Eudora before generating new ones with Email Magician's Special Filter Maker (Normally, the Special Filter Maker would strip the duplicates, but there are no duplicates of the new HTML filters with pre-1.5.1 HTML filters). To manually delete your existing HTML filters, select them with the shift-key pressed, then press the "Remove" button at the bottom of the Filter window (in Eudora).

Finally, re-read the Information about Email Magician 1.5 (below) for important information about upgrading.

Email Magician 1.5

Email Magician 1.5 more than doubles the number of spam filters of previous versions. In this new version of YAV's popular utility for Eudora® Mac, spam filters test for approximately 1,000 spam characteristics that may be present in incoming mail, thus keeping your mailboxes uncluttered. In addition to these built-in spam filters, the program also offers Spammer Address Collection, an option that tracks spammers (up to about 1,250) who may be targetting you in particular, and trashes their messages before they even hit the other spam filters.

The main addition to version 1.5 is a major expansion to the number of spam filters. There is also a minor bug fix regarding Spammer Address filters that include a percent sign, a rare occurrence. Further, I have added an option to "Merge" imported "SpamDefs" files with the current configuration. This means that if you have made any additions to the Spam Filter Maker, you won't lose them by importing new Spam Definitions.

That's the good news. The bad news is that the changes were too extensive to build another tiny updater, so you'll have to re-download the entire package (don't worry though, it will "take over" your current preferences and registration status). This having been said, I've tried to add more hooks for coming upgrades in this version 1.5 so that I won't have to require a complete download again.

Also, if you don't mind replacing your current spam definitions, then all you need to do is download the new SpamDefs file which is quite small (about 20k). Keep in mind that in this case you won't have the merging option, and there will still be a glitch with Spammer Address filters that contain percent signs.

On the other hand, if you do want to merge the new spamDefs with your existing ones be sure to save a copy of your current spamDefs by clicking on the "Import" button with the option-key pressed (or by selecting "Save Spam Definitions File..." from the "Special" menu) BEFORE YOU RUN VERSION 1.5. Then import those using "Import Spam Definitions File..." or by pressing the Import button on the Spam Filter Maker. If you are running verison 1.5, you will be asked if you want to Merge the file you are importing with the existing configuration. Choose "Merge."

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