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Version 2 quotes (2.0 was released on December 12, 2002)

I love eliminating all the SPAM.... thank you for creating Email Magician

Your new set-up assistant is great!

Version 2.0 Gets FIVE STAR Review at
.Email Magician magically and easily turns a full and unorganized Eudora Inbox into a spam-free and efficient place that makes handling email fun again..."

...registration code e-mail in the clipboard registers the program automatically--that's very cool!

...congratulations on a great update!

Version 1 quotes below:

I've been using Email Magician 1.9.1 with Eudora for a short time and it seems to help filter almost all my Spam messages...Thank you very much.

I am very happy with the software and use it regularly.

I want to thank you for continuing to update and provide a fine program that helps manage my Eudora email.

Just sent you money with PayPal. I'm a registered user already, but this was such a great upgrade (version 1.9.1) I thought you deserved a bonus...

I _really_ like the new features, too. Great program!

Your willingness to attack the problem immediately was terrific. I appreciate all of your hard work in getting it right and now enthusiastically recommend Email Magician to my Mac friends.

It's great seeing loads of SPAM in the "possible SPAM folder." What a relief to get that stuff under control.

"Another great release! Thanks"

Great idea for a product."

"I REALLY have liked this thing!"

"Every day I use this software I appreciate it more."

"An exciting product"

"Email Magician looks like a great product"

"Keep up the good work!"

"I've enjoyed your program very much so far, it's very useful!"

"I'm very excited about getting into this product!"

While ymmv I'm a very happy user of this tool

Email Magician has been a very useful tool for managing my email and I appreciate it a great deal

The author is VERY responsive. He responded to my individual queries promptly.

Wish I had this 5 years ago...

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