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Algorithmic composition in the style of Bach
For Macintosh Computers*

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PushBtnBach will keep generating new minuets in the style of Bach as long as you can keep pressing the Compose button. Other features include saving as type 1 or type 0 standard MIDI files, real-time instrumentation changes, and a preview of some of the options available with the non-shareware version (check out the Options item under the PushBtnBach menu).

The program uses a small subset of functions from the Y.M.E. toolkit (YAV Music Engine) to generate a Bach-like menuet using a structural model. Generating music from a semantic description is an entirely different approach to that employed by the companion program CyberMozart (which simply simulates the tossing of dice to re-arrange existing musical fragments stored as MIDI chunks, much like the approach taken by many interactive music CD-ROMs which use digital audio chunks instead of MIDI).

The pair of programs (PushBtnBach and CyberMozart) illustrate the difference between the infinite world of interactive music and the finite world of interactive audio. (Note: requires 8-bit color and 4 MB RAM partition). If you downloaded version 1.5 (which was only available for a few hours) please emil Bytehoven@yav.com.

Latest version
PushBtnBach 2.1 is a major upgrade from earlier versions. You may wish to view the complete PushBtnBach change history document.

Download the latest version of PushBtnBach. After downloading you may need to drag and drop the file onto Stuffit Expander.

  • Download PushBtnBach (Version 2.1a - 2705k)
  • PushBtnBach and certain updaters are also available from America Online, Compuserve, and other ftp sites around cyberspace.

    PushBtnBach is shareware. You can easily register it using the online "Register PushBtnBach" application. If you've misplaced the register application, you can download it below (it's only 90k). Alternatively, you can register the software online. Either method allows you to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or First Virtual. Choose one of following options:

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