YAV's RAD Tools for SuperCard

YAV's RAD Tools

version 1.3.1

YAV's RAD Tools is an XFCN that installs nearly 300 powerful commands and functions into the SuperCard message hierarchy which are just as easy to use as those provided by the developers of SuperCard.

RAD stands for Rapid Application Development. And with the YAV's RAD Tools commands and functions in place, most of the tedious programming tasks are already done for you. YAV's RAD Tools take care of the things that you need to do with nearly every SuperCard project you create. Tasks like document handling, file I/O, printing, window, and menu management; string, list, and number manipulation including extended find and replace options. Key-trapping, dialogs and alerts, button and field control - even text field Undo and Redo is accounted for with YAV's RAD Tools. Built-in help is provided. And YAV's RAD Tools uses only a single global variable. You never have to declare this global either. Plus there are more than 100 locations for your own use in the YAVglobal space!

YAV's RAD Tools also generates pre-configured project shells with all the standard menus and windows working the way they should in advance! Menus include: Apple, File, Edit, Special. Windows include: About, Preferences, Text, Graphics, and a Main document. The version you download here is fully functional but will not function in a standalone unless registered.

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YAV's RAD Tools in Depth:

Downloading YAV's RAD Tools 1.3.1

Download the complete package (a folder containing the YAV's RAD Tools SuperCard project, ReadMe files, YAV's RAD Tools 1.3.1 Features document, QuickStart guide, and Register application) - 1.3 MB (hqx format).

You can also download the YAV's RAD Tools 1.3 Features document separately - 88 K). This is a small file containing a list of all version 1.3.1 YRT features. Note that you do not need to download this if you are downloading the complete package (above) because the complete package contains a copy of this document.

YAV's RAD Tools is shareware ($59). You can easily register it using the "Register YAV Software" application. If you've misplaced the register application, you can download it below (it's only 90k) or you can create a new copy with YAV's RAD Tools by selecting "Registration info...". Alternatively, you can register the software online. Either method allows you to pay by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, First Virtual, and more. Choose one of following options:

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